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1250 U Street NW PUD Benefits Proffer


1. Superior Urban Design and Architecture

2. Superior Landscaping, or Creation or Preservation of Open Spaces

3. Site Planning and Efficient and Economical Land Utilization

4. Historic Preservation of Private or Public Structures, Places, or Parks

5. Housing

The project will provide more housing than what would be allowed in a by-right project

6. Affordable Housing

The project will provide more affordable housing than what would be required in a by-right project

7. Employment and Training Opportunities

8. Environmental and Sustainable Benefits

Project to be designed to achieve LEED Gold

9. Streetscape Improvements

10. Mass Transit Improvements

11. Commemorative Works or Public Art

One installation would be placed in the Metro Plaza - One installation would be in the alley system- Design a solicitation process with public art professionals, including Howard University professors

12. Transportation Infrastructure

N-S alley setback paved to widen to 16' to provide turning radius - E-W alley setback for planting of greenery

13. WMATA Chiller

Replace the louvers on the chiller plant to reduce noise - Replace the perimeter fence to improve aesthetics

14. Public Garden

Provide a publicly-accessible planter (approximately 300 SF) at the south-eastern end of the pedestrianized Temperance Ave for gardening and educational purposes

15. Safety and Community Engagement

Provide funding for a Pilot program spearheaded by the U Street Main Street to deploy the DC Peace Team for, as an example, 3 months on weekend evenings

16. Trash Management

Provide trash-compacting trash cans on sidewalks to improve street cleanliness, subject to Public Space Committee approva

17. Harrison Rec Center

Fund an exterior capital project with DPR to improve the function of the Recreation Center grounds (project to be determined prior to Zoning Commission hearing)

18. Community Support

Provide funding for 2 local nonprofits, approx. $15,000 for Hope and a Home and for HIPSDC

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